Our Program: General Information

Our Program: General Information

Medical Bariatrics of Lexington offers medically supervised, non-surgical weight loss. Our program is for patients whom do not desire weight loss surgery, those thinking about weight loss surgery, or those who have already had weight loss surgery.

We offer the following services:

      • - Physician review of medical history and medications.
      • - Evaluation of kidney, liver, thyroid, and basic cardiac function.
      • - Calculate current insulin resistance & cardiac risk.
      • - Education on individual lifestyle changes & nutritional requirements.
      • - Evaluation for weight loss medications if patient qualifies, desires them, and is medically safe.
      • - Determine & track body fat percentage, lean muscle, water, and BMI through our body composition analyzer.
      • - Determine actual resting metabolic rate through highly specialized equipment.
      • - Work with your physician to help manage current obesity related disease processes.
      • - We have an on-site pharmacy for your convenience and privacy.
      • - We offer a variety of vitamins and supplements, as well as Vitamin B12 injections.

      MBL also has a variety of meals, meal replacements, snacks, and protein shakes/drinks, carefully selected to meet our suggested nutritional suggestions for optimal weight loss.

      All product purchases are available for the patients convenience and are in no way a requirement.