Patient Testimonials

"My journey has been a little over three years. I have made a remarkable change. When I first started, I was taking different medications due to my weight. Within the first year, I was off my medications that were prescribed due to my weight issue. I had tried multiple attempts to lose weight from over the counter, not eating, skipping meals, attempting to exercise and I was not successful I have been successful with MBL. I owe my success in weight loss to MBL!"
- J C

"Medical Bariatrics of Lexington is a wonderful place to go if you are having problems with weight gain. I find Dr. Swindler and her staff to be very friendly. They are filled with enthusiasm and are cheering for you to get healthy. I have learned so much about how to eat to live, instead of live to eat. It is a process where you shed the pounds while getting an education about how to live a healthy life. Her staff is very pleasant and welcoming! I'm excited to see myself maintain the weight loss!"
- A A

"I started the program on 11-16-15 at Medical Bariatrics. I've been on the program for 3 weeks - even through the Thanksgiving holiday I was able to lose weight. After fighting my weight for decades, I feel I am ready to make a change. The staff at MBL have been so supportive as I enter this journey. They are always willing to answer any questions I have concerning the medications and program. I especially like the fact that they are "real people" not "Barbie dolls." I am looking forward to a long relationship with Medical Bariatrics so I can achieve my goal."
- Paula W. Vanover

"Medical Bariatrics has helped me to get through life adversities without weight gain. That has been a struggle for me since I was in my 30's, doing better now, getting stronger and healthier.:
- Cheryl Ezell

"I struggled with my weight throughout my life. Throughout my late teens and early twenties I did well managing my weight on my own with diet and exercise. As I begin my career and moved into my 30's I could no longer do it on my own. Medical Bariatrics of Lexington help me lose weight and lead me back to a healthy lifestyle."
- William Herndon

"Great staff! Very motivating and educational. Learning habits to change behavior permanently."
- Julane Mullins

"Dr. Swindler at Medical Bariatrics has helped me to better understand how my weight impact my overall health and well-being. The program is individualized for my needs to meet my goals safely and effectively. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I feel better and more energetic. I'm so happy I made the right choice for my health with Dr. Swindler."
- Evelyn Spalding

"I have been a patient here for over a year. I am very pleased with my weight loss. I have had some struggles but have been able to work through all of them with the help of MBL. The staff are very helpful and very supportive. I have been able to focus on my weight loss with the help of MBL . I have been overweight all my life. So getting down to what my weight should be makes me feel so much better. I can breathe again. I am working on losing at least 30 more pounds and I look forward to working with MBL to achieve my goals. I have lost 50 pounds so far."
- Darrell Sanderson

"MBL has provided a successful option of becoming healthy and achieving a weight that is right for me. The methods are all encompassing and not just about the number on the scale. Understanding what a healthy me means has allowed me to be comfortable in my own skin. I now live a healthy life and have a support system from MBL to ensure it stays that way."
- Anonymous

"I am very happy with my results at MBL. They truly care about getting healthy. The staff and office are nice and inviting. I have tried other avenues with little results. I'm excited to meet my health goals."
- Anonymous

"Over the past 4 months, I have lost over 25 pounds as well as several inches! Dr. Swindler and staff are so helpful and their products and supplements are affordable and effective! I will always be a fan of Medical Bariatrics of Lexington and recommend them highly!"
- Deborah Garrison

"Over the course of about half a year, I have lost about 46 pounds. Medical Bariatrics has been so helpful along the way and have been so encouraging. It's worth it to come get their advice and make yourself accountable."
- Samantha Sharp

"Slow and steady wins the race. That has been my motto. I have been going to MBL for about 3 years. Although because of medical problems I was unable to return for visits for one year, MBL still took care of me and gave me multiple words of encouragement. I have always felt motivated after visits and the caring and compassion I have received has been responsible for my weight loss of over 70 pounds I have never been this successful with any other weight loss program I have tried."
- Pam McGarry

"I came to MBL on water pills for blood pressure. Gastro reflux medicine, C PAP machine for sleep apnea. With the guidance and accountability they provided, I lost 120 pounds with no surgery. I was educated on the lifestyle change needed to eat right and exercise to lose and maintain . It's wonderful to be able to get in and out of our boat with no problem, handle long walks and stairs with new strength without losing my breath. You can do it too! You just have to do the work."
- Rosalie Snow

"Like many overweight people I talk to, I've tried the popular weight loss diets and systems in the past. I have tried the points, eating only their food, the soup diet, etcetera. Sure, I would lose weight while following their diet, but soon I would fall right back into my old habits of eating. I found myself getting back the weight I lost. Many times, I would gain back even more than the weight that I have lost. I think most people who find themselves over weight, and unhappy about it, can relate to my story.

"Dr. Julie Swindler and the staff at Medical Bariatrics of Lexington (MBL) have taught me the correct way to achieve healthy weight loss. They taught me a new lifestyle not another diet.

"It was a change of lifestyle, and a change in attitude. I actually began to feel like I'd found a way of eating correctly that I could live with. Being only human, sure, I strayed a few times. They didn't belittle me. I did not hear any harsh words. I only heard words of advice and concern. MBL took the time to find out what could be holding back my progress. They gave me suggestions and how to overcome the problem. I learned to think about my food in a different way. I did not feel deprived. I could still hang out with friends. I learned how to make better food choices.

"Dr. Swindler and staff helped me lose weight gradually. I feel that helped me to keep it off, and keep motivated to continue. And speaking of motivation, they have all been my cheerleaders. When I had a loss, they cheered me on. The doctor and her staff also shared my gains, and have given me a little pep talk when needed. I always feel so much better about myself when walking out the door then when I enter.

"In addition to helping with my weight loss, Dr. Julie Swindler and her staff have kept track of my body measurements and my body composition. This information let us know I was on the correct path to weight loss. It also told them when I needed to drink more water or exercise more. MBL is concerned about my health, not only my weight loss.

"Since I have been coming to Medical Bariatrics of Lexington, I have lost approximately 70 pounds. With their help and instructions, and my own change in lifestyle and attitude, I have kept much of that weight off for a couple of years now. If asked about weight loss, I would definitely suggest Medical Bariatrics of Lexington to be the answer."
- Lisa K. Hunt

"This is a program that, when I committed to it, truly worked! And worked in a way that fit with my lifestyle, did not require drastic changes, and that taught me a lot about being healthy. The tools I've learned for healthy eating and what I've learned about how the components of my body work together have been valuable. Initially, I came to Dr. Swindler because I was in my early thirties and was heavier than I've ever been. And knew I needed to make changes now or that two or three four pounds a year would continue to creep up on me. Through the program I got to where I wanted to be and I feel great. Most recently I came back after having my first baby to help me get on track and refocus on taking care of me. So far, I'm very happy with the results. I recommend Dr. Swindler and her supportive staff, you won't regret it!"
- Melanie C. Thornberry

"I am pleased with the staff at Medical Bariatrics of Lexington. I think they do an outstanding job. I especially like Mimi, Cassie, and Dr. Swindler. They always have a smile and go beyond the call of duty."
- Anonymous

"Without Medical Bariatrics, I cannot lose weight on my own. The program is based on research and easy to follow. I love coming here because I know I am going to be successful in my weight loss. I feel like I am being pampered when I am here. The staff is always pleasant and professional and the office is just a beautiful place to be. Dr. Swindler is at the top of her field, which is also very important when completing a serious weight loss program."
- Marilyn Combs

"The doctors and staff at MBL have worked with me every step of the way. They encourage, celebrate and push me to meet my goals. The plan created and treatment received is specific to my needs. I wouldn't go anywhere else to meet my weight loss goals."
- Anonymous

“I was sitting in the lunch room at work, listening to one of my co-workers describe the diet program he was on at MBL. Of course, I was skeptical since I had tried, and failed, just about every diet out there. But this was a new approach - treating obesity as a disease. After starting the program, within 4 months, I had lost 25 lbs.! But the bonus was - the swollen ankles that my cardiologist said I was “just going to have to live with,” didn't exist anymore! No more support hose, no more fluid retention! I felt wonderful!

"And the staff…. what an incredible bunch of people. I felt like they were with me every step of the way. They offered not only medical advice, but also food tips, and shared recipes. I have been a nurse for 40 years, and the attitude in that office has definitely influenced the way I treat my own patients now. Thank You MBL.”
– Anonymous

“I have had quite a battle with my thyroids. It had been over active most of my life so I could eat anything and as much as I want and never gain weight. I weighed between 115 and 120. Then came the day that ½ of my thyroid had to be removed. I started gaining weight immediately. Then they took my ovaries. I work-out tried to eat properly, but the weight just kept right on coming. Arthritis, joint pain and decreased exercise. A fibromyalgia diagnosis told me that I need to diet and exercise but no real help. Many doctor and much frustration, I just quit. I knew I had gained weight, but figured it's “just the way it's going to be.”

"I was in The New Orleans French Quarter having the time of my life when someone called me fat. My next doctor's appointment the doctor stamped the word Obese in my chart. I was devastated because I had already started losing weight. No thyroid med, no help or advise, I decided I was gonna get rid of this fat Come Hell or High water. I started a juice fast. I dropped from 220 to 170ish for my daughter's wedding. I was sicker than ever and exhausted. My joints hurt and my hair was falling out. I was miserable. I started to gain and lose weight – up and down. Then I talked to a doctor who suggested a bariatric specialist. I found Dr. Swindler. I was new to Lexington and I need more help. I started her program and stuck to it as best as I could. She is the 1st and only doctor to really address my thyroid issue. The medications were tweaked monthly. Blood work to check everything.

"Dr. Swindler work well with my new doctor’s office. They encouraged me to continue to use her. The weight started to come off. The trainer got me lifting weights and working out. My Joint Pain decreased as my energy jumped, and I'm back working full time. I will be rafting tomorrow. I will run my 1st K5 this weekend and will be doing a special 3 week intensive summer camp. I couldn't be happier. I hope to one day run a marathon. None of this would have been possible without the help, respect and care I have been given at Medical Bariatrics of Lexington. Dr. Swindler listen and help me address my physical and emotional issues. She assured me I was not crazy and I could do this. 24 months ago I was struggling to get my size 24 pants on. Recently I purchased my first pair of size 8 shorts. (single digits whoo-whoo!)

"I still have a little bit to go but the thought of losing all that weight was overwhelming. I'm not overwhelmed or frustrated today because I found the help I needed to take my health and life back. I have two brand new granddaughters and I want to be here healthy for them. Thank you Dr. Swindler and Staff. I’m so grateful.”
- J. S.

“As a fairly active overweight person. I spent many years struggling to lose the weight I gained as a result of taking prescriptions for Bi-Polar Disorder. I was encouraged to try MBL by my cousin who had success with Dr. Rader in Boise, Idaho and after years of reluctance I gave it a shot and was definitely surprised at the results. I have easily dropped weight and kept it off with the help of MBL, the experience has been life changing.” – KW

“I have lost 48 pounds in 2 years with Medical Bariatrics of Lexington. I have only high praise for the program and staff at Medical Bariatrics. I had children in my early 40s and carried my pregnancy weight for over 10 years trying various diet programs and trying to diet and exercise on my own to lose weight. When expressing my frustration to my primary care physician, she recommended Medical Bariatrics and Dr. Swindler. I found the staff to be very professional from the very start. The medical basis for their decisions and their continued contact with my primary care physician made me feel confident that everything was medically sound. Although they do not require you to buy their food products, I did better when I had the products at home and at work to support my efforts. I also liked having appointments once a month compared to many programs that meet once a week. The month gave me enough time to learn the program and work it into my lifestyle.

"The staff was always positive with me whether I felt I had a bad month or not. They always pointed out the progress I had made even when I could not see it. I always left my appointments feeling better about myself and encouraged to continue until my next appointment. I would recommend this program to anyone who has struggled to lose weight. Especially if you are a woman in your 50s who has had children and tried but cannot lose the weight on your own. I appreciated that the staff let me pick the pace that worked best for me and they did not push me to reach goals faster than felt comfortable.” - KMS

"I had tried several different programs to try and lose weight and nothing worked. I figured it was related to a hormone imbalance or a result of medication. I was frustrated and knew I needed to take action. My doctor referred me to Dr. Swindler and said several of his patients were having success with her. After another year of nothing working I made the appointment. I started Jan 5 and by June I had lost 50 lbs. It was much easier than I thought and it was doable even while working.

"I think the keys to my success are: 1) recording everything I eat - even if it’s a “bad” food. Using a phone app has made this so easy. I was amazed at how much I had been eating before – when I thought I was being “good.” 2) I faithfully drink at least 100oz of water each day. This is not impossible to do. It’s amazing how much you can drink just while you’re in your car! I don’t want soda anymore, in fact I took a sip of my husband’s soda and was disgusted with how salty and yucky it was. 3) I watch my carbs and protein each day to keep them at the recommended levels – plus I take my meds as required (they aren’t even prescriptions!)

"I feel so much better!! I bend easier and I have ENERGY to take walks. I love the way I feel!!!"
PS – I’ve had to get all new clothes! - Anonymous

"Doctors and staff are always very nice and understanding. I couldn't ask for better treatment and they are always ready to answer any questions and explain any problems. A very sweet and professional group." - B C

"I have a wonderful experience with Medical Bariatrics of Lexington. I have been encouraged with a great friendly staff and Dr. Swindler has guided me with a positive healthy way to help with my weight. Thanks to the whole staff!"
- Connie D. Barnett

"I highly recommend the Medical Bariatric team. Dr. Swindler and the whole staff have the love, care, and compassion that will make you feel very comfortable with who you are so you're able to teach and maintain your goal."
- Keith Barkley

"A friend referred me to Medical Bariatrics after I expressed concern on trying to lose weight on my own. I had tried for over a year without success and really wanted to give up! Medical Bariatrics equip me with the tools I needed to kick-start my weight loss journey. I have lost over 50 pounds and several inches and began in October 2014. I feel better and love all the compliments. You have to focus and be serious about making changes. It is a lifestyle change that will be one of the greatest decisions you will make."
- Delora Severance

"Staff is great, helpful, professional and super nice. Food is excellent. Helpful with weight loss. They have programs to help you to reach your goal. I have done great with weight loss and am very happy."
- Pam Napier

"Coming to Medical Bariatrics was an amazing decision for me. I've always had a really tough time losing weight. It's something I have always struggled with. The staff and people here have been so nice and helpful along the way. They have helped walk me through the process of finding the right medication, dieting plan, and work out plan for me. In just one short month of dedication, I have lost a total of 22 pounds I am blown away with the progress I have already made. I am thrilled to see that I can do this, Medical Bariatrics has been so good for me. If you feel like you cannot lose weight or need that extra boost, I highly recommend you try a visit here. I couldn't have done this so soon without their help!"
- Alexis Denniston